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Lightspeed Cookie Notice June 2018

This Cookie Notice applies to the Lightspeed panels known as MySurvey, GlobalTestMarket, LifePoints and Tech Panel, altogether identified in this cookie notice as the Lightspeed panels (the “Panels”).

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An HTTP/HTTPS cookie (usually just called a cookie) is a simple computer file made of text that is saved to your device using your browser, which allows sites to recognize you and store preferences and other information if you return to the site using the same device and browser. The information stored in cookies can be used to personalize the experience when using a website. A website can use cookies to find out if someone has visited a website before and record information (data) about what they did.

Cookie Type Description Audience How to change my settings
Security Cookies
These cookies help you log in to the website and help us route traffic between servers. Visitors and Members Required cookie
Website Optimization Cookies
These cookies are necessary for the website to offer you the best experience. These include cookies from these websites' domains as well as Google Analytics cookies, which help us, manage website content and optimize basic functionality. Visitors and Members Required cookie
Marketing Optimization Cookies
These cookies are only used with website visitors who are not members yet. We use these cookies to remind you about our panel offers on third party websites and pages, if you have not yet registered. These websites could include Google, Doubleclick or others as listed below. Of course, any data collected will be used in accordance with our own Privacy Policy and the third party’s privacy policies whose links are listed below: Visitors only Optional cookie: To opt-out, you can change preferences for how Google advertises to you using the Google Ads Settings
Ad-Related Research Program with Behavioral and Advertising Research Cookies These cookies are only used with our members and after they have securely logged in. They can be controlled via your account settings.

The “Ad-Related Research” program is optional and is a simple way for you to manage the “Behavioral and Advertising Research Cookies” and technologies that we and our partners use. You can “opt in” or “opt out” of all of these using a single preference which means you don’t have to go to other websites to manage these cookies or consent individually. We do it for you! This is our commitment to make your privacy as your priority, in simple terms.

We use cookies, cached objects and/or mobile IDs to help us understand whether you have seen an advertising campaign, how many times you’ve seen it, and where you have seen it (usually a website or mobile app). They may also be used for identifying a person across multiple devices. Using these technologies we may also deliver advertisements to you for the purpose of research. We would then be interested in collecting your opinion about the brand being advertised or the advertisement itself through a survey. These technologies help us understand other behaviors of internet users and the data may also be used to create predictive models that help create better ad serving on the internet, ultimately leading to a better online experience for everyone.

Members Only To opt-out, Login to your account on the portal. From My Account, select My Cookie Preferences, then change preferences in Behavioral and Advertising Research Cookies

Cookies & Their Use

Company Use Expiration Link to Privacy Policy
Insight Express Ad Exposure and Measurement Advertising Targeting and Media Buying Research 730 days View
MEC Webtrack Ad Exposure and Measurement Data Matching and Enrichment Advertising Targeting and Media Buying Research 5 years View
mPlatform (Xaxis) Analytics Data Matching and Enrichment Advertising Targeting and Media Buying Research 395 days View
Comscore Ad Exposure and Measurement 720 days View (Voicefive)
View (Scorecard Research)
Metrixlab (Macromill) Ad Exposure and Measurement 365 days View
Miaozhen Ad Exposure and Measurement Digital Fingerprinting 720 days View
MSI-ACI Ad Exposure and Measurement 365 days View
Nielsen Netratings Ad Exposure and Measurement 730 days View
GlobalWebIndex Ad Exposure and Measurement Data Matching and Enrichment 365 days View
RUN Data Matching and Enrichment Advertising Targeting and Media Buying Research 90 days View

The Ad-Related Research program allows us, selected clients, and/or our technology partners to match selected data about you (registration data, profiling surveys or participation in regular research surveys) with third-party data management platforms (DMPs) and advertising platforms. We and our partners use various technologies like cookies, tracking pixels, tags, cached objects, digital fingerprinting, ad and mobile device IDs to perform the following actions:

Case Purpose Data collected/processed
Data Matching and Enrichment We enrich the data we hold on file about you by matching your personal data with third parties. This will help us to improve your panel profile and ensure that we select relevant surveys for you.

We utilize matching services (i.e. third parties who are specialized in data management) to acquire additional information about you from public and private data sources (such as social networks, retailers and content subscription services with whom you have an account) or to use your personal data as an aid to develop additional or new types of anonymous data sets (i.e. we compile your aggregate data with data from other consumers to create a new lifestyle segment). The matching service (our partner) holds the personal data we share for a short time, uses it to assemble the additional information, and then return the combined information to us. Partners are contractually bound to delete the data we share with them or and are not authorised to use it in any way other than for this specific purpose.

Persistent unique identifier, contact details, email address, social login, cookie, mobile device ID, official identification number (i.e. ME number)
Advertising Targeting and Media Buying Research We use your personal data to help our clients and vendors enrich their data by using lookalike modelling techniques.

Thanks to your participation in our surveys and your profile data, we can help our clients to improve their advertising targeting, and to create better online advertising models, through lookalike modelling or similar research methodologies. We will use your personal data we collect about you through profile building, participation in research surveys or data matching to match with third-parties and platforms (our partners).

We include contractual safeguards to ensure that you will not automatically be targeted for commercial purposes, as a result of your data being used to help create a lookalike audience, and that our partners cannot use your data for any other purpose.

Persistent unique identifier, contact details, email address, social login, cookie, IP address, mobile device ID, official identification number (i.e. ME number)
Ad Exposure and Measurement In addition to cookie-based matching (which you can control and consent to via your panel account), we will use personal data you provide to us, such as email address, in a direct matching process with third parties (our clients and partners) to determine if you are a user of that service (such as social networks, websites, mobile apps) for advertising measurement research purposes. We will identify what advertisements you may have been exposed to on those sites and platforms and measure how brand attitudes or brand recall have impacted sales. The third parties that we work with are not allowed to use the data for any other purpose. Persistent unique identifier, contact details, email address, social login, cookie, IP address, mobile device ID, official identification number (i.e. ME number)
Digital Fingerprinting If you consent to cookies supporting this particular use case, digital fingerprinting will be used. A few of the companies we work with may use digital fingerprinting which is a way to uniquely identify a device without using cookies. This may use IP address, browser settings and other device IDs to create this fingerprint for their analytics or security products. IP address, browser specifications, device specifications
Multiple devices By consenting to any of the above cookies in the “Ad-Related Research” program and allowing “Behavioral and Advertising Research Cookies”, you allow us to use your consent (opt-in) across all the devices you use to access the panel services, systems, portals and applications. Persistent ID

Opting Out

NOTE: The tracking mechanisms (cookies, cached objects, etc.) will not be removed or stopped until the next time you take one of our surveys or visit our website. If you are blocking cookies or don’t accept 3rd party cookies, you may still be tracked because companies may use 3rd party “opt-out” cookies to stop their tracking. You will need to access the LifePoints App or login to the website with the other devices you have used for surveys with for the opt-out to be effective on them as well.

Additional Details

Deleting or blocking cookies on your devices will not stop general advertising from other companies, websites or applications on your device. If you delete cookies, do not accept 3rd party cookies or clear the cache on your devices, this will not stop or “opt you out” of the “Ad-Related Research” program and the “Behavioral Adverting Research Cookies” we use. You will need to follow the instructions under “Opting Out of Ad-Related Research” to effectively opt out from "Ad-Related Research" as operated by our company.


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